Saturday, September 3, 2016

Burberry Cat Lash Mascara

I have always wanted to try Burberry's makeup line and when i was in need of a new mascara I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase something from the Burberry range. I ended up deciding on their new Cat Lash mascara which claims to extend lashes and create a fanned out cat eye effect. The mascara retails for $29. I tend to pick mascaras that are lengthening rather than volumizing because I love the look of super long lashes. I really, really wanted to like this mascara but it just was not a good fit for me. Pros: The packaging-- It's absolutely stunning! This product does look really great on my vanity, it definitely adds a luxurious touch.  Also, the color. I haven't ever seen a mascara this black before. It really added an extra oomph to my lashes. Cons: The formula-- as soon as I applied the formula my lashes already looked clumpy. It is a very wet formula and with one coat my lashes felt heavy and I couldn't blink without getting the product all over my eyelid and lower lash line. 
I really wouldn't recommend this mascara. If you are looking for the same lengthening effect as I was I recommend Benefit They're Real or Benefit Roller Lash. They are cheaper and in my opinion do a much better job at achieving long, beautiful lashes.

Xo K


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  1. The packaging is so cute! Sad that this didn't work out that well!
    Kathy x


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