Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Top 5 things to do with your gals on Valentine's Day

Tomorrow's Valentine's day and if you're a single pringle like me, it becomes Galentine's day. I love everything about Valentine's day, I'm a total hopeless romantic but once again this year, the day is dedicated to my girlfriends. There are plenty of things you can do to turn Valentine's day from a total drag to an amazing one with the help of your friends. Here's my top 5 Galentine's day ideas, Enjoy!

1. Brunch- Nothing screams Galentine's day more than getting drunk off mimosas with your best girlfriends at brunch. Enough said.

2. Sleepover- One of my favorite things to do is invite everyone over and have a movie marathon of amazing chick flicks! These are a few of my faves:

3. Retail Therapy- This one can be dangerous but it's always a lot of fun. Why not treat yourself to something nice? Take your girls and adventure around. Try thrifting and see who can find the most ridiculous outfit.

4. Roadtrip!- Why not go on a trip? Even if you just go an hour away it can still be a great time. Make a Spotify playlist and head out. You can jam to your favorite hits and have some quality girl time. Here's my roadtrip playlist if you need some ideas:

5. Night Out On The Town- Paint the town red as they say! Find a new favorite bar and order a round of drinks. If you want to get real adventurous, try out this drinking game featured on Buzzfeed. It's sure to lead to a good time. 

What are your plans this Galentine's day? Let me know in the comments!

Xo K


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