Monday, March 19, 2018

My Favorite Podcasts Pt. 2

I love podcasts. Often times I find myself listening to a podcast while cleaning, working, and even as a way to unwind before bed. As a major music junkie, I never believed that I would pick to listen to a podcast over my music, but here I am. I posted a favorite podcast post a few months ago but since then I've found so many more that I need to share! Keep reading to see what podcasts I've been loving lately.

I have been loving true crime podcasts lately. I have an obsession, i'll admit. Hollywood Crime Scene is one of my absolute faves! I love learning about the many dark sides to hollywood and the hosts, Desi and Rachel, do a great job at telling the stories with some added comedy that will make you laugh out loud. After a few episodes, you too will be saying, don't @ me, my new favorite catch phrase. A must if you're a true crime lover like me! 

Wine & Crime

Speaking of true crime, the next podcast I've been loving is Wine & Crime. The show explores some horrific crimes but the hosts are so amazing and funny, you won't be able to help but laugh out loud. I never thought I would laugh so hard during a podcast about murder but here we are. Hosts Lucy, Kenyon, and Amanda, are 3 best friends who share a love of true crime, which I can totally relate to, and a love of wine, also relatable. This podcast is great if you want to listen to a crime podcast but like having the added breaks of laughter to distract you from how horrible the world can be. 

Not Too Deep

Grace Helbig is arguably one of the funniest people and I am so in love with her podcast, Not Too Deep. In each episode, Grace interviews a new guest and it is always hilarious. If you love hearing from many of your fave Youtubers, such as, Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, and many more amazing people, you will absolutely love this podcast. 

Death, Sex & Money

Death, Sex & Money discusses just what the title says. This podcast is meant to talk about the 3 things people tend to not want to discuss, this is what makes it so interesting. Everything you've wanted to know but didn't think was appropriate to bring up in your average conversations is explored and it's refreshing to hear these things talked about so openly. 

Will & Grace & Vodka 

My guilty pleasure podcast is Will & Grace & Vodka. Anyone who knows me knows my love of Will & Grace. I can watch episode after episode and never get bored. I'm currently rewatching the entire series and this podcast is a great companion piece. The hosts, David and Carolyn, have a real life Will & Grace relationship that will make you super jealous! I love a podcast that feels like you are sitting down with friends and discussing your shared love of something and this podcast definitely has that feel. 

Don't Blame Me!

My newest podcast find is Don't Blame Me! with Meghan Rienks. In this podcast, Meghan receives calls from listeners and gives them advice. No topic is off limits. There is everything from sex, dating, and just adulting in general. The advice is great and Meghan is absolutely wonderful. I've been a fan of hers for a while and love to watch her Youtube channel. This podcast is just another thing of Meghan's we all can enjoy! 


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