Friday, April 29, 2022

A Pawsome Collab with Hooray Heroes!

I was so excited when I was contacted by Hooray Heroes to work on one of their special edition books titled, The Pawsome Adventures! Hooray Heroes has created a book that's fun for all ages and showcases the perfect grouping of stories to celebrate you and your four-legged friend. 

The Pawsome adventures is a completely customizable book where you can make characters to resemble you and your pet. For my book, I decided to make my story about my niece Olive and her favorite cat pal Jack. Pets are so special to all of us and this book is so great to help capture that bond. Since my niece is soon to be turning 1 years old, I thought making the book about her and her furry friend would be the perfect keepsake to have when she gets older. I loved how many different story options there were to pick from. I specifically chose the story about going to a broadway show because my sister in law used to be an actress so I love that the story would be one they could share together. 

Now, let's talk about the amazing illustrations in the book! I am absolutely in love with all the graphics and how cute everything looks. The quality of these books is absolutely incredible and they make the perfect gift. I just know this book will be a big hit once I give it to her for her birthday. Not only will kids love these customizable books but adults too! 

Check out the Pawsome Adventures for yourself! 


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